#howto protect your business with contracts


Would you like to be able to develop your own robust contracts? 

Want to be protected in case a supplier doesn’t deliver what you expected? 

When you’re starting a business, money’s usually a little on the tight side, and you need to know you’re going to get what you want from your suppliers. Contracts can be confusing, and if things don’t go to plan its likely that you won’t be able to take them to court. Why not learn how to negotiate the perfect agreement and develop your own robust contracts?

This #howto course from Geminus Training is delivered by the fantastic Janci Karri, who has travelled and worked internationally in her legal capacity. This is developed for anyone who needs to understand how to negotiate and write contracts for their businesses. This skill is applicable for anyone involved in business planning or basic procurement. 

After completing this course, you will understand: 

– How to negotiate what you want with a supplier

– How to develop your own robust contract

– What you can do if things don’t go to plan – without expensive legal fees

This course may be FULLY FUNDED to eligible clients working in Lancashire. Terms and conditions apply – please contact us for details. If you choose a “Fully Funded” ticket, we will contact you to confirm eligibility and inform you of the process required, as certain eligibility forms need to be completed. Please contact us first if you have any questions.