#howto sell without selling


Got a great idea but having problems securing clients?  

Does the thought of having to “sell” make you shiver? 

“Sales” – that word that strikes cold fear into many of us. Even those of us who have built a nice, steady business often think “if I can convert most customers, my business would be so much better”. If you want to improve your sales capabilities but can’t quite master engaging and closing clients, then put quite simply, you need to learn to Sell without Selling.       

The superb Stephen Leishman can totally change your approach to the methods and mindset that you use to generate new business, and close deals with a high percentage of success. Stephen has experience across a range of business sectors, generating new sales for organisations across the world. This session will help you develop a mindset that totally changes how you sell, to create the new clients and sales that you need.  

After completing this course, you will understand: 

– How to understand what your clients want from you  

– How to make your clients want to spend money with you

– How to think about this without the fear of “selling”

This course may be FULLY FUNDED to eligible clients working in Lancashire. Terms and conditions apply – please contact us for details. If you choose a “Fully Funded” ticket, we will contact you to confirm eligibility and inform you of the process required, as certain eligibility forms need to be completed. Please contact us first if you have any questions.