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Funding ü

Helping you raise money to fund your innovation
projects, reclaim credits for investing in R&D
and ultimately selling your successful business.

Financing Innovation

Many projects need financing, particularly where extensive research and development is involved. We help you understand all of your options from grant funding through to releasing finance from other parts of your business to re-invest in your R&D activities. Our approved associates also cover a range of financial lending options.

R&D Tax Credits

Did you know that you can reclaim money from the government for a significant amount of your R&D? With our extensive knowledge of research, development and innovation we offer you the most cost effective way to reclaim through the R&D Tax Credit Scheme. We challenge anyone to match our offer in terms of cost and quality!

Selling Your Business

There always comes a time when you want to pass your business on to a new set of hands. Whether this is your planned exit strategy while your company is rising is stock or your retirement plan, we can help you maximise the business value and identify / engage suitable buyers, through to the final point of sale.
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