About Geminus Training

Geminus Training exists to make your business better.

While there are a wealth of business management courses available in the marketplace, these tend to use the known, tried and tested methodologies.

Henry Ford’s innovative line of thought suggested that if you only do what everyone else is doing, the best you can hope is to draw level with your competitors.

That’s why to gain a lead in this ever increasing competitive marketplace, you need to be the organisation that’s doing something different and setting the trends – not chasing them.

Our support packages and courses focus heavily on doing things differently.

The three words we associate ourselves with are innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship – although a simpler description would be “to help you think in an enterprising manner to improve your business from the inside-out”.

It’s all about gaining benefit by doing something different, and can address any aspect of your business from new product development to process optimisation.

Who We Work With

Our client base is extensive and ranges from pre-start entrepreneurs through to establish organisations with a large and diverse workforce.

The tools we use have been designed to be highly effective across any business sector – they rely solely upon your knowledge, experience and creativity.

We firmly believe that if you’ve got a business, we can help you improve it.

While our offices are based in Lancashire and Greater Manchester, we have an agile team of associates based around the UK who are able to respond at short notice.

We are also seeking international opportunities, with an option of franchise, license or in-country delivery options available.

“We’ve been on a lot of courses but this is the first which has significant impact on the business and really makes a difference”
Jackie, (Sales Manager)
“Its your best chance to build a team of people who can genuinely shoulder responsibility for growing the business”
Anthony, (Commercial Manager)
“My staff used to come to me with problems – now they come to me with ideas and proposals”
Andy, (HR Administrator)
“The courses helped us become ‘confident innovators’ and helped lead our ideas forward”
Donna, (Training Manager)