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Innovation can impact any area of your business to create the benefit you desire

Innovation 101

Innovation is so much more than new product development. It’s also not restricted to Science and Technology, and can apply to any ares within your business. That’s because Innovation is about gaining benefit by doings something different.

One of the best definitions of Innovation we’ve seen is a simple mathematical equation:

Innovation = New Idea + Exploitation

Any person in any business can innovate. In fact, the more people you have thinking creatively, the more innovative you will become – across your entire operation.



Here are a few thoughts to help you better understand how powerful innovation can be:

Innovate across your business

One of the most powerful business planning tools is the Business Model Canvas (google it if you don't know it!). It's also one of the best ways to think about where you can innovate within your business - for each section, ask yourself ``what new ideas can we think of to improve this area of our business``?

Innovation is driven by people

Business benefits come from the implementation of good ideas. Good ideas are created by people thinking creatively. Therefore, Innovation is driven by your people. While most people can think of a good idea, effective creative thinking and the selection of the most appropriate ideas is a trained skill.

Innovation => Productivity

When you allow (and train) people to be more creative, two things happen - they come up with more ideas, and they become better engaged in the business. Engaged, committed and creative people who continually develop new business improvement ideas lead to one major benefit - improved productivity.


We can tell you so much about what we can do and how we can help you – but it would be much better coming from our clients. So, here’s a few words from some of the many people we’ve worked with

``While innovation is primarily driven by people, money is the food which keeps the momentum and helps develop the route to realisation``


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