#howto create cohesive business models – Blackpool


Do you need inspiration for your business or projects? 

Do you want to develop complete and cohesive plans which define your strategy? 

So often we focus on “what” we sell rather than “why” we sell it. When you start to think about your “why”, you take the first step in developing a more cohesive business model. When you combine this train of thought with a powerful modelling tool such as the Business Model Canvas, you will be able to develop highly effective value propositions and business models ranging from individual projects through to your entire business. 

This #howto course from Geminus Training is developed for anyone who needs to understand how to develop cohesive business models for projects and businesses. This skill is applicable for anyone involved in business planning, in a direct or an advisory capacity. 

After completing this course, you will understand: 

– How to define your why, how and what

– Use this knowledge to define your value proposition

– Develop cohesive business models to maximise success potential

– Utilise this knowledge both in, and on, your business. 

All attendees also receive our 32 page workbook on #howto create cohesive business models. 

This course may be FULLY FUNDED to eligible clients working in Lancashire. Terms and conditions apply – please contact us for details. If you choose a “Fully Funded” ticket, we will contact you to confirm eligibility and inform you of the process required, as certain eligibility forms need to be completed. Please contact us first if you have any questions.