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When we run our Innovation Workforce course, we suggest that line managers and supervisors don’t attend. There’s a very good reason for this – when we ask the delegates what the major barrier to innovation is, the answer is usually management related, and more often than not, it’s one (or more) specifically named person. Historically, this is an area that we haven’t delved into. We’ve deliberately designed our courses to …

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A few weeks back, Tom Goodwin (Head of Innovation at Zenith Media) wrote a cracking blog on why you probably don’t want innovation. Tom hit’s the nail on the head when he states “nobody really knows what it is”. Things might be a little different stateside, because whereas Tom suggests that everybody (and he means EVERYBODY) wants it over there, there’s a subtle difference here. In the UK, not everyone wants …

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If you invented a single device which solved the problems of the world, the likelihood is you wouldn’t be able to sell it. I know that this sounds ridiculous, but there’s a very good and simple reason – people don’t like “catch all solutions”, they prefer something that’s bespoke for their specific problem.  Think about how this applies in everyday life – if you’ve got a headache and you go to …

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Innovation is all about capitalising on your knowledge, experience and creativity. Let us help you achieve your potential!

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